RE:volve with TVprocessing…

By nuebox (other events)

2 Dates Through Mar 22, 2020

RE:volve presents "finding common ground" by TVprocessing... 

Pain: is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli. "finding common ground" is an interactive art exhibit showcasing art creations guided from questions surrounding the subject of pain. How pain is caused? What is pain? What affects on the human experience does pain have? This group of artists are movement based but also explored other art mediums to create their live art installations. Various art mediums such as drawing, writing, singing, and story-telling/poetry. TVprocessing... invites you to attend the exploration of pain, an unpopular topic of the human experience

TVprocessing... is a troop of artists dedicated to spreading the joys of creativity. As a troop, we choose subject matter from the human experience to inspire an art creation. Through collaborative effort we gather meaning from the subject matter through creative art exercises. The way in which TVprocessing… likes to showcase art work is through creating an experience for community members with interactive art elements. The troop of artists in this showing are Shannon Smith, Ella Alzua, Karion Houston, and Avery Polster.